Birth Photography

Thank you for considering me to photograph one of the most important moments of your life.

My own birth was photographed in 2009 by my good friend, with a point-and-shoot, and they are my most treasured photographs. These photographs are so valuable to me that I made it my life’s work to provide these same memories for other families.

I am pleased to have been a birth photography pioneer and leader in the DC/MD/VA area of the United States, in Wiesbaden, Germany, and again in Harrogate, UK.  

Why are families choosing me?

Birth photography and support is my focus.

It is not a hobby, or a side project. I am dedicated to serving growing families, and I bring not only my specialized photography expertise, but the wisdom that comes with doula work, lactation counseling, and midwifery education to your birth.


- Stephanie "I didn’t realize it at the time,
but Nikki managed to take
a tremendous amount of gorgeous
photos of my labor, birth and after
the birth. We will cherish the photos
for our lifetime and pass them on
to our children.”

More information

As a doula, I understand the need for privacy and minimal interruption during labor.  I use a camera especially designed for low-light photography, which is equipped with a completely silent shutter and a fast lens. I will employ flash if necessary and only sparingly to avoid disrupting the mother and care providers.

If I am also serving as the doula, I will focus primarily on providing physical and emotional support, taking photos when the chance arises or having others in attendance use my camera.

If I am only photographing the birth, I will strive to maintain a healthy, positive, unobtrusive presence in the birth space and be a helpful part of your team.

The content of the photographs can range from modest to graphic, and can include laboring at home, laboring in hospital, the moment of birth, newborn exam, first feeding, introduction to siblings/other family members, birth attendants, and the folks in the waiting room.

Graphic photos may contain nudity, crowning, placenta, breastfeeding close-up shots.  Modest photos focus on facial expressions, surroundings, and the newborn; no exposed breasts/genitalia. I talk with the family before labor begins to agree upon the planned content of the images.


Because birth is such a private and intimate event, I take extreme care in protecting the family’s privacy. The family is free to ask me to stop photographing at any time. The family and I are the only people who will see the images that are not chosen for public display. I delete all images I am not authorized to keep after 60 days or the final products have been ordered.  

Special situations

Birth is an amazing and unpredictable process.  Sometimes unforeseen situations arise, such as preterm birth, cesarean section, and maternal or newborn health concerns. In these cases, I will attempt to take photos wherever hospital policy and/or family allows. In the case of c-section where I am not invited into the operating room, I allow the birth partner to bring my camera into the operating room in order to take photos (my camera is easy to operate!). In case of a birth missed for these reasons, I offer my lifestyle newborn photography in its place.

Prints and products

Clients can order heirloom-quality, color-calibrated prints directly from their private galleries. I also offer additional high-quality photo products such as canvases, leather photo albums, memory boxes, birth announcements, fine-art prints, video slideshows, and other items.

On-Call Availability

I go on call (24-7 availability and within one hour of your birth location) starting at 38 weeks according to your EDD, and remain on call until the birth. I will adjust my on call schedule depending on a pregnancy's individual needs. 

To Book Your Birth

Don't delay, contact me right away! I book only one photography birth per calendar month. I would love to arrange a no-obligation meeting with you and your family in a location that works for you, to have a relaxed chat about your plans and hopes for your birth while having a look at my portfolio of work. 

I am looking forward to documenting your special day!