Canada Day | Birth Photography

I loved the variety of clients I served in the UK. Brown, White, Black; USA, England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Norway, Spain, Italy, France, Belarus, Indonesia, Pakistan, the list was really unlimited. This mom was from Canada, and in a great gesture of true patriotism, gave birth to her little Yorkshire Lass on Canada Day.  I thought I’d be helpful during her birth and do the traditional Labor Sit, which I hadn’t gotten to do a lot of in the UK.  This means going to a client in labor at home before the midwives or anyone necessarily needs to be there, and just sit in a shadow in her space while she labored to provide that extra bit of silent support and help her decide where she was in labor, and help keep her labor going, without having the whole cavalry there waiting. She’d expressed this sort of need while talking about her first birth experience back in Canada- how she would have liked to have somebody there promoting a sense of boring normality, without being in her face or having to do clinical stuff on a timeline.  I love doing that and this is what the Yorkshire Storks do very well.  Especially since I had many baby weighing slings to complete, and needlework in the labor space has been Anecdotally Proven to be A Good Thing.  Lucky for me, her transition from latent ??? labor to “OH YES NOW I’M IN LABOR” was really obvious and I was able to summon the midwives at just the right time (doula humblebrag).

TENS machine and Depends- professional-level labouring

This birth also features my Birth Pool in a Box – MINI. This mom is tall, and she reported she would have preferred the Regular size pool.

Also at this birth I was given the postpartum reins for the first time. Check the placenta, do the placenta tour, weigh the baby (with one of my slings!), get her latched, get mom showered and fed, talk about vitamin K. There’s always a first time for everything, I will just say that…

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